Hank Thompson Detour Mp3

Hank Thompson - Detour Lyric

(Paul Westmoreland)
«© '45 Unichappell Music»

Headed down life's crooked road lot of things I never knowed
And because of me not knowing I now pine
Trouble's got in the trail spent the next five years in jail
Should have read that detour sign
Detour there's a muddy road ahead detour paid no mind to what it said
Detour oh these bitter things I find should have read that detour sign
When I got right to the place where it said about face
I thought that all my worries were behind
But the father I go the more sorrow
I knowShould have read that detour sign
Detour there's a muddy road...
Detour there's a muddy road...
Should have read that detour sign

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