Guided By Voices Album List

Suitcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won the War
Land Of Danger Let's Ride
Like I Do Sometimes I Cry
She Wants To Know Fountain Of Youth
The Other Place Straw Dogs
Little Whirl Chicken Blows
My Son Cool Alright
Always Crush Me Man Called Aerodynamics
Rhine Jive Click Cut-out Witch
The Birthday Democrats King 007
Boy W Steppenwolf Mausoleum
Cretinous Number Ones They Fall Silent
Diver Dan How to Murder a Man [In 3 Acts]
Pearly Gates Smoke Machine Tenth Century
How Do You Spell Heaven Paper Cutz
Low Flying Perfection Nothing Gets You Real
Just to Show You 5° on the Inside
Generox Gray When We All Hold Hands at the End of the World
Goodbye Note We Liken the Sun
Fever Pitch Absent the Man
Packing the Dead Zone What Begins on New Year's Day
Overloaded Keep Me Down
West Coast Company Man Warm Up to Religion
High Five Hall of Famers Sudden Fiction
Hiking Skin It's Food
Cheap Buttons Substitute 11
Chew the Sand My Zodiac Companion
Kid on a Ladder Come On Mr. Christian
Glittering Parliaments The Caterpillar Workforce
Sad Baby Eyes The Quickers Arrive
Hotel X (Big Soap) I Think a Telescope
Please Be Honest Nightmare Jamboree
Unfinished Business Defeatist's Lament
Eye Shop Heaven Lead Walking Shorts
Walls and Windows I'm in Shock (Hit Me With Tonic)
Deaf Dumb and Blind Girl Try Me on for Size
No One Looking for You Murphy Had a Birthday
Living on Planet Cake Great Service
Only Ghost in Town 8 Bars (Ext. #3)
No Bird Motor Away
The Garden Happy Heartbreaker
Less Active Railroad Porpoise Northeast
Pretty Pinwheel Back to the Diving Board
Mary and the Summer